2014 Annual Conference

2014 Annual Conference

Conference April 29-May 1, 2014 ~ Presentations

Agenda At-A-Glance

Opening Plenary
Winning with Urban-Rural Partnerships - Dr. Glenda Humiston

Plenary Session – Partnership & NASCSP Update
Performance Management, Organizational Standards and ROMA Next Generation - Denise Harlow
Getting Ready for ROMA Next Generation: Connecting the Dots - Jovita Tolbert
Handout: OCS Draft IM RE: CSBG Organizational Standards

Workshop Session I
1A. Inequality for All: Movie Screening & Discussion - Jim Masters & Allen Stansbury
Handout: Inequality for All Discussion Guide
1B. Return on Investment: How CAAs Value Services & Results - Frederick Richmond & Thomas Tenorio
1C. Increasing Agency Financial Stability w/Private Sector Fundraising - Lannie Medina & Tim Reese
1D. Greywater: What is It and How We Can Use It - Arleen Novotney
1E. Coffee Shop Lessons: Community Engagement in Action - Seth Finestack

Workshop Session 2
2A. The War on Poverty: Then and Now - Erik Stegman
The War on Poverty: Then and Now | Center for American Progress
Income Inequality in the United States | January 2014
Memo RE: Ladders of Opportunity for Boys & Young Men of Color | February 2014
2B. Local and Regional Food Systems: Connecting Agriculture and Community - Gail Feenstra
2C. Building Your Financial Empowerment Program: Money Smart and More - Catherine Marshall
Earned Income Tax Credit - Pamela Harrison
Money Smart: A Financial Education Program - Spike Keil
Money Smart: A Financial Education Program
Resources for Asset Building and Financial Education Programs 
2D. Savvy CAA Boards—The Future’s Demand - Lois Carson

Workshop Session 3
3A. Update on the War on Poverty: The Battles to be Fought and Won - Dan Lesser
3B. Local Resources, National Impact: Strategies to Develop Your Message - Erik Stegman & Katie Peters
3C. The Perfect Blend: A Single Service Delivery Platform - David Allee
3D. It Takes a Village to Make a Healthy Smile - Cory Spencer & Gustavo Sanchez

Workshop Session 4
4A. All-In Nation: Strategies to Build an Economy that Works for Everyone - Sarah Treuhaft
4B. Maximizing CAPs through Innovation: StrengthsFinder & ROMA Organizational Model - Lucy Hernandez
4C. Consumer Input & Involvement: Part 1 - Denise Harlow, Grace McIntosh & Robert Ellis
4D. The California Teleconnect Fund & LifeLine Programs - Richard Heath and Associates, Inc.

Workshop Session 5
5A. Poverty Measurement: Advances from the U.S. BLS & Census Bureau - Dr. Thesia Garner
5B. Impact Innovation - Paul McLain-Lugowski
5C. Consumer Input & Involvement: Part 2 - see 4C for presentation
Handout: Example Costumer/Constituent Feedback System & Employee Council
5D. Innovations in Community Economic Development - Ralph Lippman & Glenn Sanada

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